Laundry likely gets done a few times a week in your house, and even if it happens less, it always feels like a drag having to go through the steps of washing and drying. Plus, when it’s clean, it needs folding and then proper placement in dressers or closets. For many of us, laundry has been a part of our housekeeping since we were children, as parents or guardians asked us to help. Overall, it’s an easy chore, but many mistakes are made by even the most experienced laundry washers and folders, and they might be damaging your clothes.

Mistakes to Avoid While Doing Laundry

Here are a few tips for implementing into your laundry routine.

It’s not Just About Lights and Darks

There are more things to consider than just separating clothes by whites and darks. Any laundry expert is going to tell you that the material of clothes is just as important as color separation. Keep cotton and linens together, with lace and other delicate materials to their cycle.

Never Pour Detergent Directly on Clothes

Detergent seems simple enough; it is just a liquid cleaner that hits the clothes to wash them. While the detergent is what cleans everything, do not make the mistake of pouring the detergent directly onto the clothes. There is likely a little spout on the washer that says “pour here” for detergent, and that is to allow the detergent to mix with water first, before making contact with the clothes directly. That’s because the detergent can actually discolor and stain the clothes if the mixture is too strong for the ink or colors of the shirt.

Skip the Dryer When Possible

Sure, the dryer is a fast and easy way to get your clothes dry in less than an hour. Unfortunately, that speed comes at a price, and you likely see it every month in your energy or electric bill. There are too many cases of overpaying for electricity or energy due to overuse and constant running of the dryer. When possible, hanging up your clothes to dry outside is a more efficient and economical way to keep things natural.


Laundry is a no-brainer, but there is a good chance you are doing something that you should not be doing. Maybe you have made a mistake for years now, but it is never too late to add in these fixes now.