Nashua is home to nearly 90,000 New Hampshire residents! At Automatic Laundry, we are a professional equipment supplier, and we’re proud to provide high-quality services that benefit both the residents and small business owners of Nashua. The equipment we provide serves a practical purpose that everyone needs – clean laundry! 

Local Support 

Many big-brand laundry equipment servicers appear to provide the same services we do at Automatic Laundry, but there’s one key difference: they don’t care about the people of Nashua! Automatic Laundry is local to the community, which means we truly care about you and your laundry customers. We can provide the services you need in a timely fashion since we’re located just around the corner! If you’re in need of equipment repairs or other customer support, our team is close enough to meet those needs before your business (and checking account!) take a hit. Your customers will be happy to hear that you’re supporting another local business and putting money back into the community in more ways than one! 

A Trusted Supplier 

Automatic Laundry has years of experience in the laundry equipment industry. We’ve gained the trust of many New Hampshire laundry servicers over the years. Those years of experience and a positive reputation don’t come easy! If our services or equipment weren’t the best of the best, we wouldn’t be able to maintain such a great relationship with our local clientele. Hiring a company that’s established and trusted by the community gives you the peace of mind in knowing you’ll be getting exactly what you need at a price that’s fair. At Automatic Laundry, we can provide plenty of references to other local laundry servicers who use our equipment. Hiring a larger company with good references in another state isn’t near as comforting as hiring a company with good references within the local area. 

High-Quality, Dependable Equipment 

Finding a great laundry equipment supplier is all about finding the best value. That doesn’t mean finding the lowest price, though! Good value comes from dependable equipment and services at a reasonable cost. The cheapest usually isn’t the best, but neither is exorbitantly overpriced! Automatic Laundry provides our customers with laundry equipment that will meet all of their needs without blowing their budgets. We don’t carry equipment that’s not high-quality and dependable because doing so would risk our reputation in the area. If there is an issue with the laundry equipment we provide, our customer service team will get the issue resolved quickly and get your business back on track! 

Contact Automatic Laundry today to schedule a consultation for laundry equipment services in the Nashua, New Hampshire area! Our team can discuss your laundry equipment needs to find the best products for the job. We can’t wait to learn more about you, your company, and your customers so you can become part of our laundry service family!