In the world of athletics and fitness, hygiene and cleanliness are paramount. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike rely on clean workout gear and uniforms to maintain a healthy and comfortable training environment.

The Importance of On-Premise Laundry

One often overlooked but essential aspect of maintaining this cleanliness is having a reliable athletic facility laundry solution right on-location. Enter on-premise laundry facilities – a game-changer for gyms, sports clubs, and athletic centers. Offering on-premise laundry services can be a significant advantage and make your gym a go-to location for those engaged in daily sports activities.

Convenience and Speed

Athletic facility on-premise laundry provides unmatched convenience and speed. Workout clothes can be washed immediately after use, ensuring athletes always have clean gear available. Having an efficient laundry room at your location eliminates the need to transport dirty laundry off-site and wait for it to be cleaned, which can cause delays in training or competitions.

Hygiene and Health

Workout clothes are prone to getting sweaty during their workouts, which can lead to the accumulation of bacteria and odors. Keeping dirty laundry on-site for too long can quickly become difficult to manage. On-premise laundry allows for quick and efficient cleaning to help maintain a healthier training environment.


Over time, outsourcing laundry services can be costly for an athletic facility. Investing in on-premise laundry equipment can be a smart financial move in the long run. It not only reduces outsourcing expenses but also allows you to have control over your laundry operations, resulting in cost savings.

Better Gym Experience

On-premise laundry gives your athletic facility the flexibility to tailor your laundry processes to suit the specific needs of your facility. Athletes can focus on their training without worrying about stale odors or dirt lingering on their clothing. Not allowing dirty laundry to accumulate can also help give your gym a cleaner feel that those using it will appreciate.
modern athletic facility laundry equipment

Choosing the Right Laundry Equipment

When setting up an on-premise laundry room for your athletic facility, it’s essential to invest in laundry equipment built to last. Look for machines designed to handle the specific needs of sports apparel, such as those with adjustable wash cycles and temperature settings. Commercial-grade machines are often a wise choice due to their durability and capacity to handle high laundry volumes.

Moreover, consider eco-friendly options that use less water and energy, contributing to both cost savings and environmental sustainability.

Offering on-premise laundry facilities in your athletic facility is a win-win situation. It not only benefits athletes and gym-goers by providing convenience, cleanliness, and cost-efficiency but also enhances the overall reputation and appeal of your facility. Contact Automatic Laundry today to learn more about how we can help install new laundry equipment.