New Legal Notice of New Benefits in Amended Class Action Settlement- 1050 W Columbia Condominium Association, et al. v. CSC Service Works, Inc., Case No. 2019-CH-07319 (Cook Cty.111. Cir. Cf) 


This Supplemental Notice is to inform you that an Amended Settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit claiming that Defendant CSC ServiceWorks, Inc. (“CSC”), a laundry services provider, deducted an Administrative Fee amounting to 9.75% of lessors’ gross collections. While you may have previously received a notice in connection with this case, the Parties have decided to update the settlement in certain ways that they believe will further benefit you and the other Settlement Class Members. This Court-approved Notice explains the Amended Settlement and relief available under it. Plaintiffs claim that the Administrative Fee breached their lease agreements. CSC asserts the fee is necessary and legally warranted and denies it violated the agreements. 

Am I a Settlement Class Member? Our records indicate you may be a Settlement Class Member. You’re eligible if you had an existing laundry lease with CSC on May 1, 2017, and were assessed or subject to-i.e., even if one wasn’t collected-one or more Administrative Fee deductions amounting to approximately 9.75% of your laundry room equipment’s gross collections. 

What Can I Get? If you submit a valid claim, you will get a settlement payment equal to half (50%) of your share of the Administrative Fees paid in connection with the laundry lease agreement in effect at your property in May 2017. In addition, if you submit a valid claim, CSC will also stop charging the Administrative Fee if your laundry lease agreement existing as of May 1, 2017 has not yet renewed or been replaced with anew lease. That suspension will remain in place until the lease is renewed or you sign a new lease. 

For those Settlement Class Members with renewed, replaced, or new leases after CSC disclosed the Administrative Fee in May 2017, that fee will continue, but the rate of the fee will be frozen at 9.75% for two years beginning approximately 30 days after the Final Approval Hearing, discussed below. 

CSC has also agreed to waive its right to seek to collect around $197.5 million it claims it is owed from lessors in uncompensated expenses and deficits owed in rent payments. 

You do not need to file a claim to receive the rate freeze or waiver of CSC’s claims against you. 

New Legal Notice of New Benefits in Amended Class Action Settlement -1050 W Columbia Condominium Association, et al. v. CSC Service Works, Inc., Case No. 2019-CH-07319 (Cook Cty. Ill. Cir. Ct.) 

How Do I Get Benefits? If you want a settlement payment and Administrative Fee suspension (if eligible), you must submit a timely and complete Claim Form for each eligible property (i.e., a property with an existing laundry lease agreement with CSC on May 1, 2017) no later than December 20, 2021. You can submit a Claim Form by going to The amount you are due will be mailed to you via check. You do not need to do anything if you previously submitted an Option 1 Election Form for the initially proposed settlement. You also do not need to do anything to receive the rate freeze or waiver of CSC’ s claims. 

What are My Other Options? You may exclude yourself from the Class by sending a letter to the Settlement Administrator (at the address below) postmarked by December 20, 2021. If you exclude yourself, you cannot get Amended Settlement benefits or the release of claims against you, or object to the Amended Settlement, but you keep any rights you may have to sue CSC over the legal issues in the lawsuit. If you previously submitted a request for exclusion in connection with the initially proposed settlement, it will be honored unless you decide to submit a Claim Form. If you do not exclude yourself, you and/or your lawyer have the right to appear before the Court and/or object to the proposed Amended Settlement. Your written objection must be filed with the Court and mailed to the Settlement Administrator, Class Counsel, and CSC’s counsel postmarked no later than December 20, 2021. Specific instructions about how to object to, or exclude yourself from, the Amended Settlement are available at If you file a Claim Form or do nothing, and the Court approves the Amended Settlement, you will be bound by all of the Court’s orders and judgments. In addition, your claims against CSC relating to its alleged breach of the laundry lease agreements by collecting the Administrative Fee will be released. 

CSC Settlement Administrator 

P.O. Box 43501 

Providence, RI 02940-3501 

Who Represents Me? The Court has appointed a team oflawyers from Edelson PC, the Law Offices of Michael R.Karnuth, and Edward M. Burnes, Attorney at Law to represent the Class. These attorneys are called “Class Counsel.” You will not be charged any fees for these lawyers. If you want to be represented by your own lawyer in this case, you may hire one at your expense. 1050 W. Columbia Condo Association, RBB2, LLC, MJM Visions, LLC, and Kay-Kay Realty, Corp., Settlement Class Members like you, have been appointed by the Court as “Class Representatives.”

When Will the Court Consider the Proposed Amended Settlement? The Court will hold the Final Approval Hearing at 11:00 a.m. on February 16, 2022, in Courtroom 2301, Daley Center, 50 West Washington Street, Chicago, IL 60602. At that hearing, the Court will: hear any objections; determine the fairness of the Amended Settlement; decide whether to approve Class Counsel’s request for attorneys’ fees and costs; and decide whether to award the Class Representatives an award for their services in helping to bring and settle this case. CSC has agreed not to oppose any request for attorneys’ fees and costs not exceeding $5,000,00Qand Class Counsel has agreed to seek no more than $8,000,000, but the Court may award less than these amounts. 

How Do I Get More Information? For more information, including the full Supplemental Notice, Claim Form, and Amended Settlement Agreement, go to, write Class Counsel at 350 N. LaSalle Street, 14th Floor, Chicago, IL 60654, or call them at 1-866-354-3015. If you have any questions about the relief you may be entitled to under the Amended Settlement, contact Class Counsel.