If you don’t have a washer or dryer in your living space, there’s no need to fret. In fact, there are so many benefits to using a laundromat that you may still choose to load up your laundry and head out.

Here are the reasons why:

High capacity washers and dryers are fantastic.

Most laundromats invest in commercial washers and dryers with higher capacities. This means they can handle larger items, like comforters, with ease. Additionally, you can generally fit more clothes in one load than a typical residential washer or dryer.

You have more options.

Not only are the washers and dryers generally bigger, they often have more choices for washing or drying programs and settings than the usual home machine.

Get done more efficiently

Especially if you choose a quieter time when you have most of the machines to yourself, you can do more than one load at once. What if you could complete all of your laundries in the same hour?

No trips to the basement- plus carts!

Not only is everything on the same floor, but many laundromats also have carts and baskets available. This makes doing laundry quicker and more efficient.

Find additional downtime.

Ever wish you could find the time to read a magazine or catch up on your Insta feed? Time at the laundromat can be a much – needed escape with the space to think or rest while your laundry is spinning happily in the machines.

There’s extra space.

If you like your clothes pressed, you’ll be overjoyed to find the extra counter space, especially for folding and ironing.

Some Tips:
– Bring a roll or two of quarters. Many machines at laundromats are coin operated.
– Remember your book, magazine, or some form of entertainment for the time between cycles.
– Headphones are a great idea since music makes everything more fun.
– You may want to invest in a large basket or bag to transport your laundry back and forth.
– Don’t forget your detergent! (Though most laundromats sell it if you do forget.)
– There are usually vending machines.