laundry_tracker_connectAutomatic Laundry, a leading laundry service provider to the college market in the Northeast, has joined forces with six northeast colleges to implement its proprietary Laundry Tracker Connect™ that links their commercial washers and dryers installed in residence halls to the internet. The networked appliances are manufactured by Alliance Laundry Systems, LLC (, the leading designer and manufacturer of commercial laundry equipment.

Laundry Tracker Connect™ brings several new benefits to campus:

  • Students have access to a laundry monitoring web page that shows the availability of machines in real time.
  • Students can opt to be e-mailed or texted when machines become available, or when their laundry cycle is finished — the ultimate time management tool.
  • Real-time service alerts are sent from the washers and dryers directly to Automatic Laundry’s customer service team.
  • Automatic Laundry is able to preemptively repair equipment before students and staff become aware of the malfunctioning machine — remotely or on-site.
  • A plethora of performance data can be shared with college administrators from Automatic Laundry machines.

“We are changing the service paradigm in our industry from reactive to proactive. Students and college staff have more important things to do than report malfunctioning machines,” explained Scott Scarpato, Automatic Laundry’s President. “Our customers outsource laundry services for a reason and we believe that this technology will be the standard prerequisite in the college and multi-family housing markets for all laundry service providers. We are extremely proud that these six colleges selected Automatic Landry to partner with them.”

Automatic Laundry currently has over 10% of its field assets networked with Laundry Tracker Connect™. “Today, college and multi-housing decision makers are looking for a completely different service experience. Over the next five to seven years, we envision that more than 50% of our machines in community laundry rooms will be internet enabled,” stated Scott Scarpato.

Automatic Laundry, a preferred service provider for more than 50 years, manages and services community and student laundry facilities throughout the Northeast. For more information, please visit or call 617-969-4340, ext. 137.