Every college student knows all too well the struggle of keeping up with laundry on a busy schedule. Often, students must set aside hours just to wash and dry their clothes, which can be a tough challenge for those who are on a tight budget or live far away from the nearest laundromat. However, this burden of laundry has been steadily declining for college students as more universities are switching to included laundry services to give students access to free on-site laundry equipment. So why are so many colleges switching to included laundry? Let’s explore the benefits of laundry inclusion in college dorms.

Convenience: The most obvious benefit of switching to included laundry is that it provides students with ultimate convenience. Instead of having to carry heavy loads of laundry back and forth from home or to off-campus laundromats, students can easily access washers and dryers within their own dorm buildings. This allows students to do laundry more often without sacrificing precious time or energy, improving their hygiene and overall quality of life. Automatic Laundry also offers a Smart Laundry Card system that eliminates the need for exact change to get a load of laundry started.

Cost-Saving: Another major benefit of included laundry is that it saves students money in the long run. Most included laundry services do not charge an additional fee to students for use of on-site laundry equipment, which means that they no longer need to pay out-of-pocket for expensive washers and dryers or for laundry services at local laundromats. This can be especially helpful for students who are already on tight budgets or who are financially struggling to pay for their college tuition.

Environmental Impact: Colleges and universities are becoming more environmentally conscious as a collective effort. Including laundry services in college dorms is one way to promote sustainability. With eco-friendly washers and dryers and included laundry, students are no longer wasting resources by traveling to and from laundromats or by using their own individual washers and dryers, which can consume a significant amount of energy and water. This way, colleges are taking a small but positive step towards promoting sustainable energy usage.

college dorms included laundry infographic

Community Building: Another benefit of included laundry in college dorms is that it promotes community building among students. Instead of isolating themselves in their own dorm rooms, students can mingle and socialize with others while they are doing their laundry. This allows students to bond with their peers, make new friends, and develop stronger connections within their own dorm communities. Making sure campus laundry rooms are designed to be inviting and well-lit is essential.

Safety: Lastly, included laundry services are safer for students than off-campus laundromats. Students are safer doing laundry in their own dorms, where on-duty resident assistants and other campus staff are available to help. Students no longer have to worry about the security of their valuables or the potential for crimes or assaults when they are doing laundry.

As we have seen, included laundry offers numerous benefits to colleges and their student populations. By promoting convenience, cost-saving, environmental impact, community building, and safety, getting included laundry on college campuses are a step in the right direction towards promoting a better student life. More and more colleges are now offering included laundry in their dorm services and this trend looks set to continue. It’s clear that included laundry in student dorms is a win-win situation for colleges and their students.