App FAQs

Laundry Card Instructions – CLEAN PAY CODE BOX W/DISP

Purchasing Online Code to Add Value (Two Step Process)
1. Purchasing a Code:
 Go to our website , under Manage My Card.
 Click on the White Card; then click Register and/or Revalue My Card.
 Select “Register its Free” and fill out the Registration Page.
 Once registered, input email address & password to sign in. This will bring you to the Washboard Page.
 Click on Laundry Portal at top right corner; then Click on Add Value/Value Code (right top corner of page).
 Select the dollar amount you want added to your Laundry Card and confirm your choice.
 Fill in the Credit Card information and select submit.
 You will receive a 7-digit value code via email which you will take to the Clean Pay Code Kiosk at your
2. Add Value at Kiosk Using 7Digit Value Code:
 Place your Laundry Card into holder (left).
 Machine will read your balance on Laundry Card.
 Enter the dollar amount that you charged online.
 Enter the 7-digit Code number that you received online.
 Machine will show you the balance on your Laundry Card.
 Displays, “Added Successful”.
 Remove your Laundry Card from the holder.
To Purchase a New Laundry Card Online:
 Go to our website . Click on the White Card at bottom of page.
 Click on Register and/or add value to my Laundry Card.
 Click on Laundry Portal (at top right corner of page).
 Click on Continue as a Guest and then click on Buy Card.
 Put in your Zip Code to your location and then select the correct location. Enter your email address.
 Key punch in the Terminal # 000_ _ _ _ (numbers at the end of your location name). Click on Submit.
 Fill out the credit card information (A new Laundry Card cost $5.00). Click on Submit.
 You will receive a seven digit code and an email will be sent to you which you will take to the Clean Pay
Value Code Kiosk at your location.
Complete Purchase of New Laundry Card at Kiosk:
 Press the Buy Card Button (above card dispenser).
 Enter the 7-digit code you received online.
 New card ejects with a zero balance.
 Go online to add value onto your Laundry Card.
 Click on “Register It’s Free and create your account.