Nursing Home On-premise Laundry

Nursing Home admins understand the importance of cleanliness when it comes to providing exceptional care for residents. Prioritizing on-premise laundry services will help ensure the safety, happiness, and health of both residents and staff.

On Premise Laundry (OPL) Solutions

Commercial Laundry Equipment

Laundry machine installation

Efficient Nursing Home Laundry Equipment

Elevate your on-premise laundry operations with state-of-the-art equipment that brings a new level of efficiency and productivity to your nursing home. Our advanced machines are designed to revolutionize your laundry processes, offering larger capacities that allow you to get more laundry done faster.

With energy-efficient operations, you can save costs while maintaining a sustainable approach. Our cutting-edge nursing home laundry systems are tailored to reduce the workload on your valuable staff, ensuring linens are washed promptly. But that’s not all. Our advanced equipment comes equipped with smart functionalities that streamline operations and minimize downtime. Benefit from remote monitoring capabilities that provide real-time insights and automated maintenance alerts.



Hygiene Assurance

On-premise Installation

Operational Control

Remote Monitoring


Eco-friendly Equipment

On-premise Laundry Equipment Installation

Ready to optimize nursing home laundry operations at your location? Take the first step towards a superior Nursing Home Laundry Management System. Contact Automatic Laundry for a consultation and learn how our Laundry Equipment for Nursing Homes can help your facility run more smoothly.

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