Doing laundry in general can be a frustrating chore for some people. It can be even more frustrating when you have to share the laundry machines with another person or multiple people. Becoming an avid user of a community wash area is a learned skill. There are many small aspects that come together and make up your laundry cleaning experience. However, there is a certain standard to cleaning laundry that an individual should know when it comes to using the shared machines.

Set a timer. If you have any plans of leaving your clothing while it washes or dries, set a timer. The timer can be on your phone, watch, or you can even bring a clock! Most likely, there is someone who is waiting to use the machines that you are using. If you don’t return by the time it is done, it leaves the other person waiting and their patience dwindling.

Patience is key. If there is an individual who is using the washer or dryer you need, and their clothing is just sitting there, give them a couple minutes! Do not go off after them hollering their name. Five to ten minutes is a reasonable wait time after their laundry is finished washing or drying. However, it also does depend on how much of a hurry you are in and if the wash room is busy.

Do not touch their laundry. So maybe this person did not show up after that five to ten minutes. It does not give you the right to waltz over to the machine and move their laundry into a dryer. Clothing and other materials can easily get ruined from a dryer. A blouse that was meant to be hang-dried or an all too delicate cashmere sweater are not pieces you want to ruin. Especially if those do not belong to you.

Do not stare. Sometimes we cannot help but people watch and stare at everyone and everything. It is human nature. However, resist that urge especially when one is removing their items from the machines. A person could be removing undergarments and other private items. Despite being in public, it is in good nature to look away to respect their articles of clothing.

Clean up your area. Laundry can become a messy task. There can be things on your clothing, garbage in your pockets, replacing of soften sheets, and of course dryer lint. All of these little things can add up. It is best to clean up the area where you are washing and drying your clothing. It isn’t fair for the next user of the wash room to have to deal with everything you left behind.

There are certain steps to take to ensure every person has a successful time cleaning their laundry. Laundry always seems to be a daunting task, but when it is done timely and efficiently, the time can fly by!