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How Your Organization Can Benefit from Included Laundry

Organizations today are always looking for ways to keep their employees happy, healthy, and motivated. While most businesses focus on employee perks like free snacks, coffee and gym memberships, few organizations consider how laundry services could be an excellent perk for employees. Not only does it help your employees work better, but it can also […]

Upgrade Your Laundry Facilities with a Smart Card Payment System

Laundry rooms are essential for multi-unit housing, and property managers should consider upgrading these facilities with modern technologies for the benefit of their tenants. The traditional coin-operated machines no longer cut it. They are inconvenient for residents and even risky for owners, given that they are more prone to theft, damage, and maintenance issues. The […]

Transform Your On-premise Laundry with Eco-friendly Equipment

For many businesses, on-premise laundry is a necessity. From hospitality to healthcare, having clean linens, uniforms, and towels is essential to ensuring the best customer experience. But let’s face it; traditional laundry practices are not the most eco-friendly. With energy costs rising and environmental awareness increasing, now is the time to start considering ways to […]