Eco-friendly Equipment Installation

Complete Laundry Equipment Install with Automatic Laundry
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Expert Laundry Equipment Installation Technicians

Automatic Laundry specializes in efficient commercial laundry equipment

We understand each property we install equipment on is unique and work one-on-one with our customers to ensure the job is done right. Our laundry equipment will help streamline the laundry process and create more environmentally friendly options by cutting water and energy costs.

Our technicians install eco-friendly laundry equipment in apartment buildings, condos, college campuses and other multi-housing facilities.

Eco Friendly

Save water and energy with high efficiency washers and dryers

Mobile Payments

Save your residents time and eliminate the need to search for change to pay for laundry with mobile app payments

Remote Monitoring

Give residents the ability to check cycle status and machine availability with remote monitoring

Laundry - Mobile Payment App

How to prepare a Community Laundry Room for new equipment installation

  1. Ensure your location is well lit and clear of debris

  2. Make sure there’s enough open space

  3. Make sure all the plugs are available

  4. Have a plan for your electricity and water supply

Transform your Laundry Room