Clothes are made from different fabrics and each different fabric has its own preferred washing method. You always think of separating clothes by color but separating clothes by fabric is an extra step you can take to ensure the health and longevity of your clothing! Each fabric has a different washing method that can help the clothing sustain its size and coloration to the fullest.


Cotton is one of the most common clothing fabrics, of course, coming from the cotton plant, cotton fabrics are soft and fluffy! Cotton fabrics are not too picky about their washing procedures, they can be machine washed in warm or cold water with regular detergent.

Synthetic Fabrics

Synthetic fabrics are also very common fabrics for clothing. Synthetic fabrics include polyester, nylon, and many more. Synthetic fabrics are great because they too are all-purpose. They can be machine washed in warm water with detergent but dry them at a lower temperature because they may become exceedingly wrinkled.


Wool, although not too common today, is still popular with certain clothing products. Wool is made from the fur of sheep and is very warm and durable. Wool is a picky product and requires more attention during the washing process. Wool can shrink in warm water so wash in cold water or get the fabric dry cleaned, and air dry it if you wash it.


Silk is a luxuriously smooth and comfortable fabric that can be expensive because of its quality. Ensuring your silk products are washed correctly can help keep your silk fabrics looking beautiful and staying soft. Silk can also be dry cleaned and should be hand washed in cold water. Silk should be air dried as well. Be careful of color bleeding as most silk products are dyed.




Pay attention to the fabric of your clothing and you can wash them accordingly to prolong their fit and coloration. Having well-maintained laundry equipment will greatly help your cause. If you have any more laundry-related questions, feel free to contact the professionals at Automatic Laundry today!