What if You Don’t Have Time to Fold Your Laundry?

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What if You Don’t Have Time to Fold Your Laundry?

Laundry is a time-consuming task, especially if you have multiple loads to be washed. That is why we usually recommend saving your laundry for a lazy Sunday or someday you know you’ll have plenty of time. Sometimes though, things happen, and you may have to go out, or maybe you just simply cannot stall on doing laundry anymore and need to quickly throw in a load. It has happened to all of us before, we throw in a load of laundry and just don’t have time to fold it, so what should we do?

Out of the Dryer

First of all, do not leave them in the dryer, not only can they get extra wrinkly, but in some cases clothes that are left in a closed dryer for too long can develop an unpleasant odor. Then you would have to start the washing process all over again and nobody wants that!

Spread them out

Now that your clothes are out of the dryer, and in a basket, you may be tempted to leave it at that and get going. Leaving clothes in a laundry basket is another sure-fire way to have wrinkly clothes, so instead of calling it quits once they’re in the laundry basket take it one step further. If you’re pressed for time don’t worry, this method will not take as long as folding, but it will ensure your clothes are not completely wrinkled over when you get back. For your underwear and socks, wrinkles don’t really matter so you can actually just toss these in a pile to the side. For your shirts, hold them by the shoulder seams and give them a flap to get the wrinkles out and then lay them flat on your bed or another flat surface. Same with your pants, flap out the wrinkles and lay them down.

This process will only take a few minutes and is great for anyone in a rush, or for those who just don’t have time to fold. It is a quick method and it will ensure wrinkle-free clothes! Don’t forget though, you’ll still have to finish the rest of the laundry process when you get back! Contact Automatic Laundry for more laundry tips!

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