For those NY property managers, there’s always that one room in the whole building where you aren’t always sure if it’s in the best state, if it needs an upgrade, or what exactly a refurbishment would look like. This is, of course, a typical multi-housing laundry room, which residents use frequently and is more important to resident experience than you might think.

Upgrade Laundry Equipment

While this seems like a large upfront expense, there are so many numerous energy-efficient laundry equipment options out there that will help you save on the utilities needed to operate laundry machines. Energy savings can also help to keep down the pricing of the machines for the tenants.

In addition, you’ll quickly realize that there will be fewer tenant complaints of laundry equipment breaking down, which means fewer calls to the service repair team to get that equipment fixed. Automatic Laundry also offers remote laundry room monitoring services so our support team can proactively check machine status and repair machines before residents experience a problem.

Laundry Room Tech

Getting rid of the coin-operated machinery and replacing it with a Mobile Laundry Payment App will make life much easier for you and tenants. While it may have been a New York staple at one point, getting that roll of quarters has been a hassle for property managers everywhere when collecting and depositing these funds. Switch to prepaid cards, or better yet, offer free Wi-Fi in the laundry room, and have everyone install a mobile app to add funds to their laundry card.

This prepayment mentality immediately eliminates all the trips to the banks with bags of money and improves user-friendliness and cash flow at the same time.

Keep Your Laundry Room Clean

Another thing about laundry rooms is that they need physical upkeep as well. Paint those walls, have regular cleanings, and make sure there are brightly lit clear pathways for people to walk around in. Many laundry rooms are in a basement but that doesn’t mean they need to look like a dungeon.

Your tenants will thank you

When you keep a laundry room property clean and maintained, with the right technology that makes it easy to use, you’ll have happier tenants, and the laundry room itself can seem like a benefit for prospective new tenants. Otherwise, if it looks too dirty, has faulty equipment, many tenants will opt for a local laundromat, which can take away potential revenues and reduce tenant satisfaction down the line.

So don’t make that mistake, and feel free to reach out to us now, and we can begin building out the right type of modern laundry room solution today for you.