Complete Laundry Management

Automatic Laundry provides top-notch Community Laundry Room Management Services for our New Jersey clients, ensuring the best solutions for your laundry needs. We offer state-of-the-art laundry equipment and expert installation to enhance your residents’ overall experience.

Laundry services for Apartments

Apartments, Condos, and Multi-Housing

Laundry services for Colleges

Colleges & Universities

On Premise Laundry

On-Premise Laundry

Automatic Laundry App

Upgrade Multi-Housing Laundry
with Smart Laundry App

Improve resident experience with energy-efficient washers and dryers, mobile laundry payment app option, reliable customer service options and remote laundry monitoring app.

Report Service for Resident Laundry Room Support

Laundry Payment App

Laundry Cards

Laundry Connect

GPS Enabled Service

Laundry was a huge headache for us until Automatic Laundry was put in place. We were bogged down with student complaints and non-working machines, and now all of our issues have been virtually eliminated with Automatic Laundry’s complete turn-key program.

Daniel KilKelly

Marketing Manager, Purchase College Association