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Add Value to Your Apartment, Condominium, or Multi-Housing Property with Automatic Laundry

Automatic Laundry serves approximately 4,000 apartment, condominium, public housing and other multi-housing laundry facilities in six New England states and New York, and no company can match our combination of local expertise and service, best-in-class laundry equipment options, responsiveness, and technologies. Our managed laundry facilities are proven to increase revenue and resident satisfaction, and deliver dramatic savings on water, sewer, gas and electricity costs. Plus, you’ll benefit from our suite of technologies from LaundryConnect™ including our laundry monitoring system, self-reporting laundry equipment and our new mobile payment app, that are truly unique in the industry.

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Self-Reporting Laundy Machines For Apartments

There are a variety of reasons that our clients ask us to upgrade their existing washers and dryers with Automatic Laundry equipment. Whether it is for environmentally friendly machinery that saves on water by the gallon, or for our maintenance support. One large reason, that apartments throughout New York and New England have trusted in Automatic Laundry is that our machines are self-reporting. A broken machine can be a terrible inconvenience for an apartment building, especially one that only has a few machines. That is why we work so hard to provide preventive maintenance services.  With our GPS enabled service, a team of our laundry technicians is never too far away to help maintain and repair your machines.

Mobile & Card Pay Options For Community Laundry

In-unit laundry is on a lot of buyers must-have or nice-to-have lists. When looking for amenities, in-unit laundry machines is up there with assigned parking spaces, and allowing pets. This is definitely true with condominiums throughout New England. With the increasing market for apartments and condos, there is a higher competition to provide a better price and a better living quality. When it comes to laundry, not only is it important to have reliable machines but also to offer payment methods that work for your tenants. Coin-operated machinery should no longer be the standard in laundry, especially for multi-housing units. With Automatic Laundry, your tenants can pay using one of our laundry cards, or our mobile payment app. Not only does our revolutionary LaundryConnect software provide better payment methods, but it also helps users track their laundry and see when machines are available.

Please use the form below to request a quote for vended laundry equipment. Or call us at 617-969-4340.

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Multi-Housing Sales Inquiries

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Don’t worry, we’ll take care of it!
For emergencies,
call 617-969-4340.

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Add value to your smart card or purchase a new card by selecting the appropriate card below

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For a multi-family community, complex, condominium, or university.

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From sorting, to loading the machine,
we can help!

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