Multi-Housing Card System

Automatic Laundry Card to Upgrade the Community Laundry Room
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Create A Modern Community Laundry Room

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Automatic Laundry is a bringing community laundry rooms into the 21st century with high tech payment solutions. From card readers installed directly on the laundry equipment to the LaundryConnect app. Kiss coins goodbye! Using Automatic Laundry laundry cards puts powerful technology in the hands of your residents. Instead of a traditional coin acceptor, a card reader unit is installed in the meter case. To start a load of laundry, residents simply insert the Automatic Laundry card into the reader to activate the machine. Multi-housing residents embrace the card as an ideal payment method and it can even make your property more attractive to prospective tennants. Automatic Laundry has invested in the development and testing of multiple card systems to ensure both large and small properties can take advantage of the benefits. Contact us today to explore the possibilities.


Residents will never have to search for coins or cash again to do their laundry. Value can be added directly from the LaundryConnect app.

Safer Laundry Rooms

No cash or coins means less theft and criminal activity.

Eliminate Fraud

Residents and criminals can no longer use counterfeit methods to cheat the system and get a free wash.

Unlimited Pricing Opprotunities

Easy adjust the vend prices – Even in penny incriments.

Total Accountability

All transactions are tracked and electronically recorded to generate detailed audit reports.

Ease of Collection

No time consuming and risky collection of coins.

Resident Loyalty

With ease of use and remaining balance residents will be more inclined to be loyal patrons of the community laundry room.

Custom Laundry Cards

Automatic Laundry can help you come up with a custom laundry card for your community laundry room.

Online Monitoring

The LaundryConnect™ app provides 24/7 remote monitoring of the premisis.

Laundry - Mobile Payment App

How to prepare a Community Laundry Room for new equipment installation

  1. Ensure your location is well lit and clear of debris

  2. Make sure there’s enough open space

  3. Make sure all the plugs are available

  4. Have a plan for your electricity and water supply

Transform your Laundry Room