Automatic Laundry, a leading laundry service provider to the apartment and condo market in the Northeast, has extended their 16 year relationship with one of the largest condominiums sitting on 33 acres in Worcester County.


Last week, our team installed 113 new Speed Queen commercial washers and dryers across 27 different laundry rooms in 9 separate buildings and upgraded the laundry payment system. Residents can continue paying for laundry with a traditional laundry card using debit, credit or cash or they can avoid using a laundry card altogether and download our mobile payment app, LaundryConnect™ Pay.  Residents can now easily load funds anywhere and at any time with their smart phones and can seamlessly purchase laundry services without having to walk or drive across the property to load value onto their laundry card. The property management company and residents have raved about the ease of use as well as convenience of using the new add value kiosk and mobile payment app.


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