Automatic Laundry works with multiple colleges throughout Massachusetts and the Northeast. Whether we are providing new environmentally friendly machines to schools in Boston or solving student dissatisfaction problems in New York, we are happy to help make college life easier with machine improvements. Recently Automatic Laundry worked with Berklee college to implement its proprietary LaundryConnect Pay. LaundryConnect Pay is a mobile payment app platform that allows students to more easily pay for laundry.

App Improvements That Make Laundry Better For College Students

What are the most common complaints among students when doing their laundry? All the machines are busy or they don’t have quarters. With our phone app, students can spend less time worrying about collecting quarters and lugging their laundry from room to room looking for open machines. Automatic Laundry already provides a laundry card service for laundromats and multi-housing units that allow tenants and customers to pay using our cards instead of needing to make change out of bills. The cards are easily loadable online. But for Berklee students at the Boston Conservatory, we implemented our LaundryConnect Pay app. More and more students rely on phone apps for paying than cards, let alone carrying cash. With our app, students can easily load money from a debit or credit card to the app and simply scan the QR code that is attached to every machine. Students can also manually enter in their machine number. This makes paying for laundry much easier.

Laundry Improvements at Berklee College

Before working with Automatic Laundry, the machines are Berklee were still using old fashioned payment methods. On top of that, our machines are environmentally friendly and students can use our app to see what machines are in use before even taking their dirty laundry out of their dorm room. This saves students the frustration of not finding one open machine on a Saturday morning, by allowing them to check on laundry from their phones.

Contact Automatic Laundry

If your dorm building’s laundry machines are old fashioned, contact Automatic Laundry. We would be happy to provide a quote for our high-tech machines. We have been providing machines to facilities throughout the Northeast for more than 50 years. Not only are our machines high-tech, but as a local laundry provider, we also handle maintenance services for your location.