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Automatic Laundry has been providing expert laundry solutions to apartments and condominiums in the Northeast for over 50 years. We provide the most efficient and convenient laundry equipment for apartment laundry rooms, including Speed Queen and LG. Laundry rooms will always be energy intensive, but with our Energy Star qualified laundry equipment, you can help keep your apartment building’s utility costs down.


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Add Credit to your Laundry Card

Smart Laundry Cards

For our apartment laundry equipment, payments are made using our convenient smart laundry card system. This convenient system gives your tenants the ability to add value to their laundry card online, by card, or by cash. This advanced system, pioneered by Automatic Laundry, eliminates the need for tenants to carry coins and cash. Additionally, our Laundry Tracker™ laundry room monitoring system offers tenants the convenience of checking the status of their laundry online. This advanced system can be yet another selling point for your facilities.


Coin Operated Equipment

Having a coin operated laundry system is great for certain areas. Cash is always easily accessible. Coin operated laundry systems are also perfect for areas where the majority of people may not have access to credit cards. Coin operated systems work well in areas with high turn around like places with seasonal workers and tourists. 

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Make getting laundry done as easy as possible for residents with our mobile app. The LaundryConnect™ App gives residents the ability to view the real-time usage of machines in a community laundry room.

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